2 Fruits Wellness

Shakenna Appleberry 
Born Nov. 24, 1980 
37 years old single black mothers, raised in Boston Massachusetts. Shakenna Appleberry (SA) is  the oldest of 5 girls and has helped her mother with the struggle of parenting. Although  Shakenna did not provide food and shelter for her siblings, Shakenna was always there for  disciplinary support, school pick ups, & shortening her childhood by carrying along her siblings  whenever she wanted to play with family or friends. SA had to grow up fast after age 10. 

Moving forward, by age 16, Shakenna became pregnant with her own responsibility as she  struggled through senior year in high school. Although she was expecting, she still made it her  duty to fight through 9 months of morning sickness in order to graduate with her class.  1998, June 10th she naturally delivered her first child (son), 2 days before her senior year  graduation. SA, amazingly walked out the hospital and headed straight to her graduation  without any hesitations!  2 years later, SA naturally delivered her 2nd child (daughter) by the same father as her first  child. SA’s young mind and body worked several hrs in order to provide for her young cubs  without the help from their dad.  Finally, school was an option. Shakenna Appleberry studied Childcare Growth & Development  at Urban college with the anticipation of opening her own daycare center and working from  home. Unfortunately, because Appleberry lived in the projects that provided 1 exit out/in, an at  home daycare provider was no longer an option.

Shakenna then looked into modeling, as she knew that there was something out in the cold  world that she had to accomplish. She knew at a young age that working for another person’s  dream wasn't going to cut it. SA tried out for different modeling agencies although her money  was taken from her by each faulty agency that she applied for.  

2005-Finally, SA applied again for schooling at Roxbury Community College. When Shakenna  sat with the school’s advisor to choose her major, she felt her hairs rise once she mentioned  broadcast media & productions.  
SA was on a roll! She aced her media classes, produced, directed and edited her own talk shows  from the comforts of her living room. SA became a talk show host on the Power Network, 102.1  FM (syndicated.) SA was also producing her own shows on Boston Neighborhood Network  Television (BNN).  

Shakenna as created shows for adults and children before she decided to move on to the health  and wellness side of things.  
After following the great, late Dr. Sebi (2014), and being diagnosed with high blood pressure, SA  decided to remove the meat & dairy from her diets to increase her life span. Shakenna  Appleberry began by going LIVE on FB by utilizing her broadcasting skills, showing the people  how they too should watch what they input into their bodies, by making her own smoothies  with Moringa Powder. Surprisingly, SA views were extremely high. She then knew that there  was a high demand for health & wellness in the public!  

Moving forward, SA have created her own skin care products for the public along with meals  alternatives that people can enjoy. You can now find Shakenna Appleberry on FB @ 2Fruits  Wellness and/or Kenna’s Kitchen preparing foods that can be medicine instead of an enemy.