The King Collection was created in 2015.


Women in relationships were detoxing alone and feeling incomplete. Few reached out to express their concern and dismay. Ivy Sagarius began making recipes and her then partner Doug, would use every product created. Late 2016, women began to show little interest in the King Collection and as a result the collection was discontinued. In the coming years, Ivy continued blending recipes, educating the male population and in the Summer of 2017, the King Collection was resurrected. Today there is a healthy interest that continues to grow. The King Collection has Soaps, Salves, Crystals, Herbs, Sages, Honies, and the very first Scrotum & Penis Detoxing Collection. Men & Women are excited, but moreso the men. The fact of knowing you can be a greater King mentally, physically and emotionally has men on edge of their seats.  

WHY MEN SHOULD DETOX? Over years and over time, men accumulate dead cells sometimes causing cancerous cells to develop in the prostate. When a man ages his prostate ages with him. Multiple Sex partners, medications, liquor, smoking, STD's and even the Virus will cause damage to the scrotum penis and overall physical well being of a man. 

What I love is that I started a new way of Loving our Men and Men Loving Us Women Back. 


This is the  First of Its King.

After much research, we finally have a Kit to Resurrect the King.

Honey to Cleanse the Recycle Bins.

Tea to relax the Mind.

Tablets to detox the Scrotum.

Polish to Moisturize the King.

Soap to Cleanse the Penis.