Womb Detox kit to detox the Vagina cervix uterus ovaries and lymphatic system Package includes

❤️ 10 Generic Yoni Pearls List the pearls you want and/or symptoms. If you have outbreaks or skin problems, add the skin detox.

❤️Large Womb Healing Soap

❤️Womb Healing Salve/Moisturizer

❤️Herbal Honey & Tea



❤️HONEY Dipper

❤️Pearl Applicator (reusable)


❤️20 Ion Protection Pads


Skin Detox has everything for boils blisters lesions changing and dark spots.

🥰Waterproof Balm Skin Protector,

🥰Citric Acid Sweet Pussy Blend Body and Face Soap for acne and bumps,

🥰Exfoliating Detoxing Body Soap,

🥰Silkening Body Powder to stay soft and dry while detoxing,

🥰Creamy Body Scrub to slough and detox and stop deep down itching.

10 Generic Yoni Pearl Detox Kit

Add Skin Detox Kit
TRIO Formula (soap salve honey tea)
  • You get a Soap Salve & Honey ( Trio) with your 3 Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls (Yoni Pearls).

    Traditional Pearls with Traditional

    Alkaline Pearls with Alkaline

    All other Pearls with Multiple Symptoms

  • Generic is not a Real Yoni Pearl, its not formulated for an specific ailment, its a basic detox. Compare to Embrace Pangea, Yummy Yoni Pearl, Goddess Pearls or any brand outside of Seanjari Preeti. 

    Generic Yoni Pearls are often sold at 3/$19.99