Pain reliever assist with womb waste, Cure Fibroids Naturally Crystals for Fibroids Therapy Fibroid Yoni Pearls Fibroid Healing CollectionHistorical tidbit: The ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst got its purple shade when the god Bacchus in full-on player’s ball fashion “poured some out” onto a clear crystal. They also believed it spared you from public drunkenness. Train wrecks! Reach for the Amethyst! Quick!All jokes aside, Amethyst’s purifying energy is linked to releasing addictive behaviors. If you find yourself at the brink—call a friend, work a program, get help, it’s out there—it can be very therapeutic to place Amethyst on and around the head, breathing deeply into its protective energy to calm the mind and its cravings. Beyond that, this rich-royal-purple-to-claret-hued quartz variation—some of the best specimens come from samba-happy Brazil—brings a rhythmic divine light to areas touched by “the darkness.” It can help illuminate an inner purpose. And, an interior decorator’s best friend, its uplifting energy can really help tie a room together.When it's time to surrender vanity, pride, and victimhood and start living with positive purpose, gear up with Amethyst and start really living.

Amethyst Yoni Egg