Women with boils on the thighs, back of neck line or throat, breast, lower tummy or armpits  can use this scrub to polish and brighten blemishes. With all skin types, any chemical protein - specifically birth control - causes boils. Women can trigger the boils when they  take birth control, especially if they were conceived while the mother used birth contol.


PCOS is a chemical protein that displays itself with boils. Boils are not to be confused with hair bumps. It may seem like a hair bump, but boils are tender, reoccuring, porous and never seem to go away permanently. Massage this scrub on damp skin, work into lather and rinse. There is also a balm and  soap coming soon. 


Herpes Simplex Virus causes blisters on the body that can itch deeply and leave marks


Hidrodenitis Supportiva leave welps boils lesions that swell, leak and cause profuse pain.


massage into dry or damp skin, work into lather, rinse with hot cloth.

Boil Blister and Blemish Scrub

Size: Jar
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