Kit includes
Scrotum Healing Soap cleanse exfoliate and detox the skin urethra rectum
Scrotum Moisturizing Polish for your penis scrotum rectum. Safe and healing for armpits neck chest and face if you have internal sickness.
Herbal Detoxing Honey for Organ Cleansing
Herbal Tea and
Detox Chocolate Tablets

Indicate your symptoms below - be exact.

Consume 2 tablets a day for 6 days, add honey to your tea and consume for 6 days, wash and moisturize your penis and scrotum for 6 days. After six days, ejaculate dead waste from scrotum. During the initial 6 days, do no engage in any sexual activity, protected or unprotected. Consultations are available in additional to other services during you're treatment. Please sign up at for additional services.

King Scrotum Detox Kit

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  • Helps with Prostate

    In the past any STD was deadened with Perscription Drugs, this detox removes those deadend pathogens sitting in your scrotum

    clears urethra passage, stops erection blockages, cleanse your sperm, increase sperm count, helps with ed loss of stamina and more. 

    Enjoy the honey soap salve and chocolates. 


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    Goddess Sagarius