A little bit goes a long way. Like a teaspoon mixed with oatmeal. Mix well with almond coconut or soy milk. High source of minerals. 

Matcha and Fruit combinations 5 in all.
Strawberry 🍓
Pineapple 🍍
Banana 🍌

Remember, just a teaspoon is needed.
If you need me to blend the oats into the matcha I can, and I will do it for the products line as soon as I can.

You will get all 4 in your set.

I drink matcha everyday. It taste best in almond milk to me. It has a nice creamy texture. After adding the mixer, shake well or vigorously.

This is not a meal replacement but rather a meal supplement for mother’s who don’t feed their babies over the counter baby formula.

Matcha Fruit Mixer Set