all my soaps are hand blended with pure herbs like oatmeal lotus chamomile and especially the herbs that are beneficial to keep you at your peak as a Man. Wash with the soap every day, you can come back for more. Keep it dry after every usage. Some guys carry a bar of soap in their gym bags and keep a spare bar at their second home. The soap is sufficient for all over body usage. Lather really well and rinse really well under warm water 


Soaps Formulas vary and is sold in 1 size.  Each Symptom below is also sold as a Scrotum Salve/Polish (moisturizer), and Scrotum Honey. If Youd Like All 3 get the Trio



  • Traditional: Our custom blend of herbs for any man thats suitable for maintaining his health daily. Easy go to for clarity on a foggy day. You dont have to be sick to use this honey. Its a daily herbal supplement
  • Tightening: Over time, you can loose the elasticity in your skin, and need more collagen as well as remove that old elasticity or looseness.
  • Fertility: Maybe your wife is working on a little one and you arent at your best with ejaculating healthy semen, maybe your count is low, maybe its just your partner and you're doing everything in your power to assist her by ensuring that your healthy. Also sold as Salve, Soap or get all 3 in a Trio
  • Bacterial: Perhaps you've had unprotected sex and although you dont have an STD, or atleast you followed the 72 rule, and now you have itching. Maybe you had unprotected sex and your partner now has a bacterial infection. If you've been tested and there is no STD, this honey is the next step. Doctors usually dont offer medication to men whose partner (female) has a bacterial infection. Avoid reinfection.
  • STD: If you've ever tested positive for an STD,
  • STAMINA: Usage of different drugs, drinking, overall poor health, or work habits can often cause men to have low performance during intimacy. Our Stamina honey is a gradual easing strengthener to keep you health and happy for a long time.


Also check out the Scrotum Detox Collection, there are salves, vitamins, honeys and more to be added. Overall, you should cleanse your insides as often as you cleanse your outside. Avoide Prostate Cancer and more by following a few instructions and keeping your temple free of deliberate toxic intake. 

Mens Scrotum Soap

  • Helps with Prostate

    In the past any STD was deadened with Perscription Drugs, this detox removes those deadend pathogens sitting in your scrotum

    clears urethra passage, stops erection blockages, cleanse your sperm, increase sperm count, helps with ed loss of stamina and more. 

    Enjoy the honey soap salve and chocolates. 


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    Goddess Sagarius