Scrub balm exfoliator brightening and moisture control. Designed for boils cyst bumps and blisters. Heals fast. Herbal Detoxing Honey for the Internal Lymphatic Detox along with Herbal Tea Blend to be consumed hot or cold along with the honey. Men with Skin Disease from Hidradenitis Supportiva, Herpes or Cyst should use this product and in its entirety. Blends are made for Traditional, Multiple Symptoms and Alkaline. Traditional Man has no traumas or symptoms, but wants to maintain that healthy lifestyle and detox. Multiple Symptoms Man has dealt with health issues on the past, erectile dysfunction, Std, bacterial infections, frequent urination, herpes, etc and wants to cleanse himself of harmful tissues in the body and balance his hygiene Alkaline Man is for fit men that choose a holistic lifestyle, his diet is high protein and minerals. This blend is also designed to assist with the removal of radiation, metal and plastic from the body

King Skin Detox Kit

  • Helps with Prostate

    In the past any STD was deadened with Perscription Drugs, this detox removes those deadend pathogens sitting in your scrotum

    clears urethra passage, stops erection blockages, cleanse your sperm, increase sperm count, helps with ed loss of stamina and more. 

    Enjoy the honey soap salve and chocolates. 


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    Goddess Sagarius