all my honies are hand blended with pure herbs like hemp fenugreek dandelion and especially the herbs that are beneficial to keep you at your peak as a Man. This honey is to be consumed every day, you can come back for more. It doesnt require refrigeration. Some guys carry a small bottle in the car. The honey can be added to any beverage or meal. When taken by spoon, wash it down with water or juice.


Honey Formulas vary and comes in 12 ounce bottles. 



  • Traditional: Our custom blend of herbs for any man thats suitable for maintaining his health daily. Easy go to for clarity on a foggy day. You dont have to be sick to use this honey. Its a daily herbal supplement
  • MULTIPLE SYMPTOMS: COVERS EVERYTHING (fertility, tightening, virus, stamina, bacterial infection, std and more. Over 100 ingredients. 

Mens Prostate Scrotum Detoxing Honey

  • Helps with Prostate

    In the past any STD was deadened with Perscription Drugs, this detox removes those deadend pathogens sitting in your scrotum

    clears urethra passage, stops erection blockages, cleanse your sperm, increase sperm count, helps with ed loss of stamina and more. 

    Enjoy the honey soap salve and chocolates. 


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    Goddess Sagarius