While it may share the appearance of a ball of raw opium, Tektite’s power to connect us to higher frequencies is far more sustainable. This high-vibration stone—created with the force of a meteorite impact—unlocks and opens the energetic doors that keep anger, fear, and resentments trapped in your body. When shit happens, Tektite empowers us to let it all go without losing the lesson. In meditation, Tektite nurtures telepathic and psychic powers, making worldly beings more sensitive to other dimensional activity. If you want to get a sense of what’s popping beyond this small speck of the universe called Earth, get your Jodie Foster on and contact Tektite. If channeling extraterrestrials isn’t your thing, Tektite can enhance your awareness of what’s really going down in your immediate surroundings. Get comfortable with what’s nearest and dearest and perhaps connecting with neighboring galaxies won’t seem so daunting.

Tektite Skull