Tiger Eye is all about finding balance, gracefully moving through life's highs and lows with power and class. Imbalance can start in the mind. Your thoughts are not your friends. They’ll sell you out, steal your shine, and drag you across your proverbial Zen garden—bloodied and battered—if you let them. Let Tiger Eye whip those catty bitches into shape and set you on a course to spiritual success. Emotions are a whole ‘nother story. They can pull you in so many different directions you stay in one place: Stuck. When jealousy, pride, shame, and fear obscure the horizon, Tiger Eye can be a centering, energetic machete clearing a path through the jungle of your emotions. Tiger Eye—a gold-brown quartz varietal—is well regarded as a money maker stone. A little economics lesson: productive people get paid. If you’re stuck in mind or mood (see above), snap out of it, kitten! Use Tiger Eye to shine a light on the creative, courageous beast inside of you, ’cause anything worth doing is worth doing with a roar.

Tiger Eye Stone