When it comes to crystals, Turquoise is the world’s biggest pop star. Adored by millions from Lhasa to Marrakesh to Tucson, adorning Zuni shamans, country singers, Santa Fe artisans, and the most fashionable cosmopolitans in densely packed style centers around the world. Its history is real rich. Beads from 5000 years before the blessed Mary brought JC into this world have been unearthed in the Middle East. And, its been favored by royalty, elite warriors, and the spiritual set for thousands and thousands of years. So, what it do? While some things have changed a lot for humanity in the last few millennia, some things haven’t and probably never will. We all need strength to move forward in the face of adversity. We all need calm resolve to weather storms. And, we all need balance. Work. Play. Reason. Faith. Turquoise delivers on all of the above, empowering us to just let ourselves be human. Turquoise’s brilliant blues come from the always-energized copper within. It’s greens from fortifying iron. This metal vibe makes it a powerful protector. Think of turquoise as a little extra armor against whatever intruders—thoughts, sociopaths, Spotify commercials—come your way each day. For those who find it hard to speak up for love, for a belief, or for a fair shake, Turquoise can help translate the biggest feels into the right words in any language.

Turquoise Heart