yoni steaming the treatment is used to cleanse and revitalize the vagina effectively reducing discomfort associated with menstruation. capacity is 250 lbs. Steaming time is 30-45 minutes with built in timer. Soft Cushion, Temperature Adjuster, Long Cord for plug-in, and easy clean up! Consider detoxing with Real Yoni Pearls while steaming.

Includes steampot cup instructions

Herbs and capes are not included but available for bulk purchases


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    Vaginal Steaming is the new wave. Many women flock to V-Spas, King Spas and well known Korean Spas to sit on a contraption designed to pamper the Vagina. Most spas use a Wooden base accompanied by a portable (stove) burner. Herbs are placed in a pot along with water and then sat on the burner. You sit on the Wooden Seat and let the steaming begin. 

    Steaming is for the Vagina, not truly for the cervix nor womb since the steam would not penetrate. Just like when you are in the tub, the water will never reach your cervix. Most Spa faciities now incorporate detoxing pearls into the experience. 


    At Seanjari Preeti, we offer Steam Pots, Herbs and Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls. Our prices are truly the best. 

    Average Steaming session at a spa is $175 per session. Essential Steaming and Care of the Vagina is monthly. Having a V-Spa at home will save you over 1,000 dollars a year. Its convenient easy storage and clean-up. You are the only woman that will ever bless this pot. Never worry about who sat on the pot prior to you or what their health status is. 


     Its also effective for men to promote a healthy prostate. 


    After steaming your vagina/anus, you should rest; meaning you should lay down for the healing to continue. You should not drive home, go grocery shopping, get stuck in traffic, get dressed, nothing!!!! You should lay down in the bed and rest immediately. 

     You can Get a Vaginal Steam Pot