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“JohnnieAngel...How I Love You”…

For a limited time, get 10% off your order at while supplies last. JohnnieAngel Moriah offers botanical blended cleansing bars—chemical free! Best sellers is the Traditional Yoni Bar that contains a balanced blend of Angelica, Saffron and other proven botanicals to maintain a healthy “sweet” yoni; also is the BV Bar from the King Collection— bars for the man in your life to cleanse the and nourish the scrotum and penis while you heal from Bacterial Vaginosis. Check out all the bars, and have a beautiful bathroom with platters that hold only JohnnieAngel Moriah Healing Bars.

Did you hear about the Healing Salve?

If you suffer from Warts, Blisters, Boils or chaffing between the thigh, buttocks of vagina, this Salve is for you! Its nourishing, soothing and made from pure raw shea butter and botanical blends of Lotus and Rose. Try Some Today!


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