One Pearl Will Do the Trick!

Death to the Deep Cleanse

So let it be written so let it be….

Early March 2015, sales were moving and distributors were knocking on the door. The supply and demand for “pearls” was in a bottleneck. It was during this period that I decided to encourage women to purchase more pearls at one time. The best way to increase sales and to ensure that women would get a few opportunities at using the pearls, I implemented the “Deep Cleanse” or using 3 pearls at once. Its been several months since implementation and some people did the deep cleanse, and needed more pearls but could not afford the price. Well, a deep cleanse is not necessary to get desired results, as a matter of fact, one pearls inside the vagina, when placed near the cervix, provided the same benefits as would 3 pearls inside the vagina. Now you do 3 individual cleanses or so, and save your money. Remember it’s not the amount of pearls you use, it’s the way the womb responds that truly matters.

Social media

With the overwhelming growth of holistic practice in the US and abroad, many have used social media as a way to market and share helpful information about their brand. Catch Ivy Sagarius, learn more about Seanjari Preeti, and meet the team all in one place..the web! Just #SeanjariPreeti on YouTube or Facebook and get helpful information on STD Awareness & Prevention. Find out if BV is a sexually transmitted infection and more in a 4 hour exclusive with the Founder of Womb Healing Pearls—Ivy Sagarius.

So, you want to be in the alternative medicine field and you just don’t know where to start, well, visit and get started on making your own recipes, attending courses and validating your business. The website is active and I am currently loading additional products, go ahead and get busy, be the Chief Expert in your household and keep your family healthy.

Also, there is a big buzz for healing with crystals and many women are engaged in using “yoni eggs”, but don’t get this confused with pearls; Eggs will not detox the womb but instead strengthen the uterus as well as provide emotional support on a spiritual level. There are over 400 stones sourced directly from the earth—truly from the Creator. Well, did you know there are many ways to heal from stones? Check out and get some schooling.

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