Will Power

Revised From October 2015 Newsletter

Won’t She Do It

Allowing the divine inspiration

“Where does it come from” and “how does she know these things?”, these are the questions that surface on the daily basis regarding Seanjari Preeti Womb Healing owner—Ivy Sagarius. If you’ve watched the videos on YouTube, then you know that she is from a lineage of Warriors. Despite the confusions inflicted upon her about her anatomy as a girl, woman, mother & wife, Ivy allowed the Most High to guide her so she could use her birth right blessings. Ivy has a power in her hands, eyes and spirit to feel the pain and energy of women. Her gratitude towards the creator for this gift is described as an “erotic infatuation for helping women.”

Under wraps

This quarter, we accomplished so much, starting out with the Fibroid Challenge, we encouraged women to rid themselves of fibroids and to change their eating habits. Check out our Fibroid Challenge Queen. October is all about HIV Awareness, women who submit their status using #MyPreetiStatus15 receive a free healing kit.

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