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Welcome to the Experience. This place is my home away from home.. maybe that's why I am open closed for business. When I first planned my shop, it was so many years ago and things were so different then. Now its 2018 and the business, people and nature has changed. Everything is growing faster than I can move and the demand is greater than I ever anticipated. Thank God for the Ladies that Support the Experience.

This shop is a Clinic, Lab, Office, School and my Home. I literally moved out of my home into a clinic. We literally grew this large. Behold the Lab ladies. And this is a early picture, Its looks different again. I had to reorganize and restock the shelves plus move a few things around.

People have called me from various areas inquiring about my hours of operation and my location and I alway wonder "How did they find me and why didnt they visit the website". cause trust me, these people have never visited my site. They just so happen to google yoni pearls and wahlah: a Shop in Spartanburg that sells Pearls. And guess what, I can travel 2 hours just to spend 10 bucks....

I just dont get it. Maybe its just me and maybe Im a little nervous. Either way, Were Not Open to the Public at this time. This place is still under construction till futher notice.

If you are reading this, you already have your products and I am more than happy to assist you and welcome you to the clinic.


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